Saturday, July 8, 2017


My collection of vintage Adderley bouquets reminds me of my grandmother. She lived in a tidy and uncluttered Brooklyn apartment. I spent summers with her, riding the Staten Island Ferry, eating ice cream in the park and watching the Lawrence Welk Show. She had few chachques, save for some Adderley bouquets on her coffee table and in her china cabinet. My grandmother was a minimalist before it was hip. She was the queen of clutter-free-living. I have a few more collectables than her, but I aim to keep things neat and peaceful too.

These pretty, vintage china florals are hand-painted in buttery-yellows, cornflower-blues and fondant-pinks. The bouquets were made in the 1950's. I just adore them. Vintage needlepoint, thrifted crystal vases, limoges plates, antique gold tables with pretty-patinas and classic paintings of women reading or sewing inspire me. My decorating style marches to a vintage-vibe.

I can't wait to show you the Ballard Designs Claire chandelier I finally ordered. It wasn't the exact color I expected so I lightly painted it with some Renaissance-gold to give it an antique-gold appearance.

A new cross stitch pattern is on the horizon too. I've designed another simple heart. I'm stitching it with Paris-pink silk on crisp white linen. Stay tuned!  xx ~ Jilly

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